Safe, sure and durable, the STONE SHOOTER is built with the finest materials and components to provide rugged reliability. For precise, labor free placement of materials on a job site the Stone Shooter is the construction industry’s preferred materials delivery system.

Ultra XL18 and Ultra20

Commercial construction companies call on Stone Shooters of the Carolinas for efficient and effective placement of sand materials and wash stone sand screening. We can also handle special projects like stone filling tanks at gas station backfills. No job is too large or too small. In fact, we also partner with residential clients who need dirt, mulch, topsoil, screening, aggregates, and sand placed precisely and in minimal time, with minimal effort. Most companies will dump the product in front of a property, and it’s up to the consumer to haul it to its indented place, which can be fifty feet away. With a 220º working pivot radius, our trucks’ conveyors accurately places material up to 90 feet from the end of the truck. This saves consumers days of work! As for construction companies, we are key to eliminating material handling, reducing construction time and improving the bottom line.