The ultra stone shooters

Safe, sure, and durable, the STONE SHOOTER is built with the finest materials and components to provide rugged reliability. For precise, labor free placement of materials on a jobsite, the Stone Shooter is the construction industry’s preferred materials delivery system. Commercial construction companies call on us to efficiently and effectively place sand materials, crushed stone, triple hammered mulch, and other aggregates. We also handle special projects like stone filling tanks at gas station backfills.

For Stone Shooters of the Carolinas, no job is too large or too small. Residential clients use us to place materials precisely and in minimal time, with minimal effort. View All Applications


As our fleet continues to grow, it is our priority to provide the best technologies and vehicles to our customers. Our stone shooters, along with our dump trucks and all our equipment,
are regularly updated, maintained, and serviced. Our vehicles are checked daily to ensure safety for both the operator and the jobsite.

We currently operate eight stone shooter trucks, with our current fleet consisting of the Ultra 20, Ultra 18, Balynks Mack Truck, and Baylynx Multi Cat. View Specs Below.


Our shooters have an ever-increasing list of applications, making them one of the most versatile pieces of machinery. From commercial jobsites to small residential projects – we can do it all!


Combining the ease of use and the ability to move and shoot up to 20 tons of material at a time, our stone slingers will save you valuable time on any job site. Say goodbye to manual labor for spreading materials.


The remote-controlled system coupled with the powerful conveying motor ensures accurate placement every time. Even in hard to reach areas, we will get the materials exactly where they’re needed.

stone shooters Standard Information

Under Body Apron Conveyor:

  • 26” or 36″ Wide pintle chain assembly
  • 330 PIW belting mechanically fastened to cross slats
  • 22” Effective belt exposure between skirting
  • Engineered to carry full capacity in transit
  • Variable speed hydraulic/planetary gearbox drive

High-Speed Boom Conveyor:

  • Super-shield TM that allows more precise control of materials on the belt
  • Remote Control
  • Ability to place 23 ft above and below the truck
  • 220 degrees of working radius
  • Variable speed (0-3700 ft/min) hydraulic motor drive

Basic Body Dimension:

  • Body (LxWxH) 8’6” x 16’ x 6’-7 1⁄2”
  • Plus 6” White Oak box extensions
  • Plus 12” Arched Tarp system
  • Overall Height on the chassis with extensions and tarp: 8’-1 1⁄2”
  • Overall Length with conveyor parked on fender: 20’6”